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Dr Don Batten

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The universe had a beginning and as such must have had something to cause it to begin. The beginning of the universe and of life both speak to us of the awesome attributes of God who created them; that He is spirit, eternal, super-powerful, super-intelligent, and personal. The Bible speaks of these.

That the universe is fine-tuned for life is a problem for unbelief, but atheists commonly object ‘Who created God?’. This objection is answered.

Dr Batten shows how not even one protein—of the several hundred needed for the simplest life—could ever form naturally, even allowing for deep-time and other unrealistic assumptions in favour of it happening. The evidence of divine design is powerful, so why would anyone deny that God created things? It has to do with our innate desire not to let God rule over us.

Ultimately God has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, whom He raised from the dead (the Resurrection is an attested fact of history).

We can live our lives in submission either to God and His word (the Bible) or man’s opinion. The latter ends in purposelessness; the former results in eternal life as we respond humbly to God’s mercy shown in Jesus Christ.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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