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Jonathan Park 3: The Winds of Change

Audio Adventure • Volume 3

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Pat Roy / Jonathan Park series

312 Minutes



Each adventure is based on real places and real scientific discoveries—all designed to strengthen your faith!

The Park and Brenan families have opened one of the largest creation outreaches in the world, and yet they can’t help but feel as if the Lord is calling them to more. In a series of exciting adventures, the two families are thrust into the need for a special response effort—one that will fight for the message of the Creator. Driven by the challenge of becoming the Creation Response Team, they feel the winds of change!

25–26. The Winds of Change: Parts I & II 27–28. The Eye of the Storm: Parts I & II 29–30. The Temple of the Moon: Parts I & II 31. The Midnight Prowler 32–34. Destination Moon: Parts I, II, & III 35–36. The Wilderness Express: Parts I & II

Each episode is approximately 26 minutes. 1 MP3-CD, which can only be played on a computer or MP3-compatible CD player.

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