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Genetic Entropy

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Dr John Sanford

Soft Cover

2014, 4th edition

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Genetic Entropy presents compelling scientific evidences that the genomes of all living creatures are degenerating due to the accumulation of slightly harmful mutations. Both living populations and numerical simulation experiments (that model digital populations using sophisticated computer programs like Mendel's Accountant) have consistently demonstrated that the vast majority of mutations cannot be effectively eliminated from the genome through natural selection. By escaping purifying selection, these mutations are continuously accumulating in the genomes of all living creatures resulting in the continuous erosion of genetic information over generational time. The end result is the inevitable extinction of all living populations. This phenomenon is known as “Genetic Entropy”.

Genetic Entropy has been acknowledged by leading population geneticists from the time of the neo-Darwinian Synthesis (1930) to the present day. Ironically, these are the same scientists responsible for formulating our modern theory of evolution formally known as the “neo-Darwinian Theory”. Unfortunately, these findings have not been made widely known to the general public or other scientists outside the field of population genetics – until now!'

Author and Cornell University geneticist, Dr. John Sanford (see list of scientific publications), has found that over the years since the book's first publication (2005), numerous lines of published scientific data have strongly validated the phenomenon of Genetic Entropy. Moreover, the attempted rescue mechanisms invented by committed Darwinists to dismiss the reality Genetic Entropy have been shown to be futile. In this updated and expanded version (published final quarter 2014) you will find a dense amount of information powerfully demonstrating the inefficiency of the mutation-selection process to build the genome as well as its total inability to maintain the integrity of its information.

As biochemist Dr. Michael Behe of Lehigh University writes in his review of Genetic Entropy,

"… ' not only does Darwinism not have answers for how information got into the genome, it doesn't even have answers for how it could remain there."

Genetic Entropy is must-read for any truth-seeking scientist or earnest student!

Please note that this replaces the 3rd edition which was titled Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome.

To read our review of the first edition of this ground-breaking book, click here.

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