How Darwin Got It Wrong, sleeved packaging

7 major points—and it was not just science

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Dr John Sanford

53 Minutes

Sleeved DVD


Darwinism is the ruling paradigm of the scientific community. Yet, hear a world renowned scientist explain how Darwin was limited in his understanding of today’s modern scientific discoveries, and how this led to numerous mistakes on his part. But the mistakes did not stop just at science.

DVD also contains a PDF copy of the booklet Answers to the 4 Big Questions, which are … Does God exist? Who was Cain’s wife? How did all the races get here? and Does evolution explain our existence?
Answers to the 4 Big Questions PDF is contained on the DVD. To view/print the PDF you will need to “open” (rather than play) the DVD where you will see the Answers_4BIG_HR PDF file.

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