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COSMOS: Created & Young!

4 DVD set

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Dr Russell Humphreys

116 Minutes



This four DVD series contains the following DVDs …

Episode 1: Startling Information to Support the Bible's History—Part 1
Even many scientists don’t know that most dating techniques indicate the world cannot be billions of year old, but much younger, as young as thousands of years. Examples: galaxies, comets, supernovas, ocean sediments, sea salt, planet magnetic fields, fresh dino bones, undecayed DNA, stone-age graves, and the shortness of history.

Episode 2: Startling Information to Support the Bible's History—Part 2
Even the minority of dating methods which, at first sight, give ages up to a billion years, upon closer examination give ages of only thousands of years. Carbon dating of fossils and diamonds shows that the method has now become the friend of creationists. Helium in allegedly billion-year-old minerals shows that most of their uranium decayed to lead within the last 6,000 years, thus supporting the young biblical age of the earth.

Episode 3: Center of the Universe
New astronomical evidence shows that the universe has a center, and that our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is very near the center. This is evidence against the big bang theory, which contrary to popular misconceptions, cannot tolerate a center. Instead, it is evidence for the Biblical view—God has given us a central position in His plans and in His created universe.

Episode 4: Starlight and Time
Taking the Bible straightforwardly and putting the information into Einstein's general theory of relativity yields several ways God could have made all the stars and galaxies during one ordinary=length day on Earth, and still get the light from the most distant galaxies to the Earth before the end of that day—the fourth day of creation.

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