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Gish vs Plimer Debate

210 Minutes



This documentary recaps the debate that changed the course of history in the creation/evolution battle in Australia, and around the world. In 1988, the debate between Dr Duane Gish (creationist) and Dr Ian Plimer (skeptic) was so dramatic and emotion-charged that it left many onlookers stunned. 20 years on, we hear from several people who were present about how it impacted their lives, as well as from a prominent US anticreationist skeptic. In the process, we discover powerful lessons for believers facing opposition—especially if in ministry.

The DVD contains:

  • A documentary about the debate (30 mins)
  • The entire debate (some 3 hours long—so you can check it out for yourself)
  • PDFs of relevant articles
  • Our complete refutation of Dr Plimer’s notorious book Telling Lies for God
  • Plus, in its entirety, the latest printing of the best-selling creation book of all time Refuting Evolution

It’s cheap enough to give copies away! The DVDs are supplied in plain paper sleeves.

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