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Dr Emil Silvestru

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How consistent is your Christian worldview? Do you use the Bible to explain the beginnings or have you already accepted the secular explanation and consequently have accepted the supremacy of secular science? And why is there evil in the world and God seems not to care about it? These are some of the questions addressed by Dr. Emil Silvestru in this presentation, followed by an exploration of the origins of such a compromising attitude.

Using a blend of humour, seriousness and unforgiving logic, Dr. Silvestru shows how compromising began with acceptance of the evolutionary (naturalistic) worldview; and how Scripture has been repeatedly reinterpreted and its logic distorted in order to accommodate the long time frame evolution needs. A clear warning is also issued: be ready to accept the consequences of what you choose to believe from outside the Bible as tools to interpret the Bible.

Through a series of compelling examples, Dr. Silvestru reveals the effects of the evolutionary worldview on public education and also on the church, pointing out that unless the foundation of modern society is rebuilt on solid biblical values, there will be no real change and the church’s role in the 21st century will remain marginal.

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