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Dinosaurs & the Bible + The Mammoth & the Ice Age DVD pack

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High School-Adult

Michael J Oard | Dr David Catchpoole



This pack includes the two DVDs …

The Mammoth & the Ice Age DVD
60 min DVD by Michael J Oard [30-9-514]
Why do we find frozen woolly mammoths and mammoth bones all over Siberia? How did these hairy elephants survive the hostile environment? What suddenly killed them? Be captivated as scientist Michael Oard unpacks a baffling mystery of the Ice Age that followed the biblical Flood.

Dinosaurs & The Bible DVD
52 min DVD by Dr David Catchpoole [30-9-531]
Has anyone ever seen a real live dinosaur? Do dinosaurs prove that the Bible is wrong? What happened to the dinosaurs? A brilliant illustrated presentation that lets you find out the answers to the most-asked questions about dinosaurs, and why everyone should know about them.

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