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Creation Answers & Astronomy for Kids pack

Two hard cover books

Hard Cover
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Product Audience:
Primary/Elementary-Junior High

Erin Hughes, Jonathan Sarfati & Lita Saunders

Hard Cover


Pack includes two books …

Creation Answers for Kids
56 page hard cover book by Erin Hughes & Lita Cosner [10-1-617]
Go on adventures with the James family as they learn about how the Bible has answers for all of our biggest questions! Listen in on their 'family lessons' to find out:

  • Why are there thorns and prickles?
  • Is the Ice Age in the Bible?
  • Are all people really related to each other?
  • Why do we have to work?
  • Do miracles happen?
  • And seven other intriguing questions!

Creation Astronomy for Kids
64 page hard cover book by Dr Jonathan Sarfati & Lita Sanders [10-1-632]
Children will love learning about all the fascinating objects in the sky. And so will most adults!
What is so special about our planet Earth and our moon and sun? What are the different types of stars and planets? How big is the universe? And how do the universe and everything in it point to the Creator?
How did ancient and medieval scientists know that the sun is huge and the earth is a globe?
If you didn't know what pulsars and quasars are, find out from this book!
Enjoy many amazing colour photographs and learn fascinating facts and figures.

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