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In Six Days + Six Days ... Really?

Book & DVD pack

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Dr J Sarfati, John F Ashton


This pack includes …

Six Days … Really?
Refuting Compromise from the Scriptures

52 minute DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-604]
A six-day, young earth understanding of Genesis is the only one that comes from the text itself, which is why the rest of Scripture interprets it that way. Long-age views are a modern aberration that comes from imposing outside ideas of uniformitarian ‘science’ upon the text. See how compromising views render the Bible meaningless to a dying world.

In Six Days
Why 50 scientists choose to believe in creation

360 page soft cover book by Dr John F Ashton [10-2-117]
Fifty Ph.D. scientists each wrote a chapter, without collaboration, telling why they hold to literal creation. Features fields as wide-ranging as geology, cosmology, zoology, botany, geophysics, biochemistry and more. Will have a powerful effect on the unbeliever who reads it, and be immensely encouraging to believers.

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