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Travel Through Egypt

Land of Moses, monuments and mummies

Soft Cover
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Clive & Amanda Anderson

Soft Cover


This handbook of ancient Egypt is a highly condensed, colourful, image-rich guide, packed full of information and photographs of over 50 of the most important sites in ancient Egypt, covered in 9 short chapters. It connects the sites, relics and names of pharaohs with the Bible, in a helpful and easy to understand format. A must-have for those interested in Egypt and the Bible.

Note that this book uses a chronology that has some conflicts with biblical history, particularly with the early Egyptian pharaohs; however, it provides useful connections with both the Old and New Testaments and highlights archeological evidence that supports the Exodus account with the latter Egyptian dynasties. For a more comprehensive study of Egyptian chronologies, please see this article about Egyptian chronology and the Bible and the award-winning film, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

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