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Dr Carl Wieland, Robert Gurney & Tom DeRosa

Soft Cover


This pack includes the four books …

Evidence for Creation
Intelligent Answers for Open Minds

88 page softcover book by Tom DeRosa [10-2-645]
One of the greatest myths about the biblical view of creation is that it is based on religion—not science. As a result, Christians who believe in six-day creation are often looked down upon. Tom DeRosa presents evidence from astronomy, geology, biology, and history to show why Darwin’s theory is at odds not just with Genesis, but with the facts of science itself. Discover why:

  • The fossil record shows no evidence of evolution.
  • Physical laws support creation, not evolution.
  • The “irreducible complexity” of the simple cell rules out the evolution theory.
  • Grim social consequences follow when political leaders embrace evolution.

Six-Day Creation
Does it matter what you believe?

64 page softcover book by Robert Gurney [10-2-521]
Robert Gurney has not always believed that Genesis was real history; he tried to harmonize the Bible with secular ideas of history (‘evolution’). So he writes with sensitivity to those many Christians who have difficulty believing in the Bible’s account of Creation, Fall and Flood because of ‘science’.

This book shows why it is not an option to hang loose about the Genesis account and that Genesis was meant to be taken as history; a straight-forward account of real events. He shows how the very gospel depends on this history in Genesis and the baneful consequences of disbelieving. He also covers attempts to harmonize the Bible with long-ages, deals with the basic principles in thinking about the scientific issues and answers common objections to believing what the Bible says. This small booklet covers a lot!

World Winding Down
Understanding the 'Law of Disorder'—and how it demands a Creator

95 page softcover color book by Dr Carl Wieland [10-2-602]
A laymans guide to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This very clear, concise description of the most powerful law of physics provides strong arguments from this law why the universe demands a Creator. This book will undoubtedly ‘switch on the lights’ for many mystified by obscure terms and equations— without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

Beyond the Shadows
Making sense of personal tragedy

124 page softcover book by Dr Carl Wieland [10-2-576]
When bad things happen to believers in a good God, are there answers, or do we have to write it all off as some cosmic mystery? Carl’s personal testimony of his involvement in a devastating road accident—sometimes witty, often fascinating, with refreshing and soundly biblical insights—has helped people across the world cope with difficult circumstances. A hugely helpful, even riveting read for all.

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