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Discovering design in the heavens

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2016 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Dr Mark Harwood

56 Minutes

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The Psalmist said “The heavens declare the glory of God” and indeed they do! As astronomers discover more and more about the amazing universe in which we live, the evidence points ever more convincingly to the hand of a designer and creator. The sun, moon and earth show extraordinary design features making Earth an ideal home for mankind. Our solar system is turning out to be quite unique as astronomers discover more about planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy. Attempts to produce a naturalistic explanation for the origin of the stars and planets all fail hopelessly in the light of recent discoveries. The Bible’s account of creation is shown to be entirely credible and the stars declare it to be so.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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