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Alison Brown

Soft Cover




Many children have heard the stories of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, etc., but are still unaware of the chronology of the Bible, or the important part each character played in God’s big plan for mankind. Using wordsearches, jumbled sentences, number codes, and crosswords, these pages provide a journey through the Bible to help children see the ‘big picture’.

While some reference has been made to every book of the Bible the emphasis on Genesis and the Gospels has been intentional since God’s Book is essentially a presentation of man’s need and God’s abundant answer through the person and work of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible is also God’s account of human history from the very beginning of time. Giving children a biblical worldview is foundational to developing their concept of an omnipotent God. They need to discover early that the answers to life’s most profound questions are to be found in God’s Amazing Book!

The author, Alison Brown, is a former primary school teacher and now full-time mother of five, who lives with her husband David in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Her other children’s books, The Work of His Fingers and A Bible Alphabet, are also on this store.

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