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Matter: Student Journal

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Tom DeRosa & Carolyn Reeves

Soft Cover


The Student Guide, of a set of three books, is a delightful book teaching elementary chemistry to Grades 3 to 6 students. It comprises 20 lessons for students to learn about bubbles, water, salt, the periodic table, and much more.

Each set :
  • Comprises a full-colour comprehensive Main Book, plus easy-to-use Student Journal workbook with fun activities and review questions, plus a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide on how to use the material to best effect at home or in the classroom.
  • Uses household items for the included activities.
  • Is part of a new series built around good science, creation apologetics in narrative form, Bible references, pause-and-think questions, and historical stories about scientists and engineers.
  • Makes learning elementary science fun for students and easy-to-teach for parents.
  • Students will learn to think more critically, to put scientific ideas into perspective, discover how science works, and become more grounded in their faith in the Bible.

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