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Defending Genesis pack

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Pack includes three books …

Defending Genesis
Celebrating the Best from 40 Years of the World's Most Widely Read CREATION Magazine

128 page hard cover book [10-2-400]
In 1978, there were few resources for Christians who wanted to defend their belief in biblical creation. So, at that time, Carl Wieland founded Creation magazine, which would eventually become the most widely-read creation publication in the world. To celebrate 40 years of cutting edge creation content, we have collected articles from across the history of this ground-breaking publication, some with important updates.

6 DAYS: Not Billions of Years (2 copies included)
64 page soft cover book [10-1-612]
6 Days contains classic creation articles, in a magazine format, covering topics that everyone wants to know about. What should we believe about ghosts and aliens? Why would a loving God allow death and suffering? How did Noah fit the animals on the ark? What about radiometric dating? Ideal for families, churches, and youth groups.

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Creation Magazine
Issue 44:1

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Journal of Creation
Issue 35:3

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