Evolution and the Demise of the Once-Christian 'West'

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2018 SuperConference (Australia)

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Dr Don Batten

28 Minutes

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The once-Christian ‘west’ is no longer. How did this come about? The strategy targeted the foundations of the Christian faith, through undermining confidence in the Bible’s history (time-line). Then it progressed to getting rid of the very idea of God creating everything, with evolution replacing divine creation. This undermined the Gospel, bringing us to where we are today. Separating science and the Bible and treating the Bible as ‘only about theology’, only helped the move away from God. However, there has never been a more exciting time to be a Christian creationist—there is so much evidence for the real history of the world as recorded in the Bible.

NB: There were some glitches in the live sound for this presentation which are reflected in the video recording. However, they should not impede the viewer's ability to appreciate this excellent talk.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2018 Australian Creation SuperConference in front of a live audience.

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