Set in Stone, PAL DVD

Evidence For Earth’s Catastrophic Past

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Product Audience:
High School-Adult

58 Minutes



This DVD is suitable for all regions, and is compatible with PAL TVs and players.

A fascinating, fact-filled, beautifully filmed documentary, taking in picturesque locations across the British Isles, including classic geological icons—such as Siccar Point, Scotland and Giant’s Causeway, N. Ireland. Enhanced by ‘in-the-field’ teaching by experienced creationist geologists, the viewer is exposed to a wealth of teaching on the rocks. The journey of exploration includes a look at such things as historical geology, uniformitarian thinking, neocatastrophism, rapid granite formation, glacial megafloods, various dating techniques, fossil graveyards, chalk deposits, and more!

An excellent DVD to help unravel the mysteries of earth’s geological past, challenging head on the notion of millions-of-years thinking.This DVD is a powerful resource for use in schools, in small group discussions and as a pre-evangelistic tool.
Please note: this Truth in Science-produced DVD does not engage directly with the Genesis record and contains no explicit discussion of how the geological evidence (for catastrophic processes) relates to the Flood of Noah.

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