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John and Lisa Fox

Soft Cover

April 216



Thirteen-year-old David Avila has been taught to believe the Bible, but that is challenged by his eighth grade honors science class and evolutionist teachers. Fortunately, he isn’t facing this challenge alone; with the Creation Science Club, he learns how to defend his faith to his teachers and others, and has some amazing adventures, too! Join the Creation Science Club and learn the evidence that refutes evolution and upholds the truth of the Word of God.

“Continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel.”—Colossians 1:23

Book 1: Challenging Ms. Eva Lution
David and the Creation Science Club learn how to refute evolution and gather scientific evidence from Grand Canyon, the Galapagos Islands, and Yellowstone!

Book 2: Challenging Dr. E.V. Lution
David and the Creation Science Club team up again to follow mysterious clues to a fossil hunt in Argentina. What they discover turns out to be a big problem for evolution!

Book 3: The Secret Under Mystery Lake
The new kid at school is raising a lot of questions about human ancestry. The leader of the CSC tells an amazing story to help explain where we all came from.

Book 4: The Big Auger
Robberies, vandalism, and arson are all threatening the new creation museum in town, and the number one suspect is the scariest guy in town. Join the CSC as they investigate.

Book 5: The Secret of Mission T-3
While in Alaska, the CSC meets a biologist who has lots of questions about Neanderthals and the Ice Age. When a sudden storm traps them in a cave, Billy James tells a fantastic story to explain how the Ice Age fits in human history.

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